Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Batch E2

All lenses in Batch E1 has been sent to all customers.

Batch E2 is now open to all customers. Taking orders now. Be quick!!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Order List Batch E1

Please order your desired lens now. Batch E1 closing soon. Some customers can't wait already
To order lens simply drop me an email to
or sms me at

Name/Order List Power
X Honey Brown -2.50
X Honey Grey -2.50
Max Pure Pink -2.50
Wondereyes Super Nudy Pink -2.50

Dueba MX21 Brown 0.00
Dueba DM23 Grey 0.00
Wondereyes Super Nudy Pink -5.50

Max Pure Pink 0.00

Max Pure Pink 0.00

Wondereyes Super Nudy Pink 0.00

GnG ifax brown -1.00
Max Pure Pink 0.00
Max Pure Brown 0.00
Wondereyes Super Nudy Grey Left -3.00 Right -1.00
Max Pure Brown Left -3.00 Right -1.00

Eileen Nancy
Max Pure Pink -1.50

Wondereyes Super Nudy Grey -2.75

Miss Sim
Bt01 Black -1.50
Wondereyes Super Nudy Green -1.50
Super Angel Grey -1.50

Barbie Lens

 15.8mm & 16.0mm Barbie Series Lens
power range 0~1000
water content: 48%
This series of lens are all comes along with a cutie pinky box:)
-have ISO, CE certificates 
price RM48 per pair
brown power range (0-1000)




violet (0-800)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Get free giveaways at i-Boutique777

when u order more than 5 pairs
you get a free bling bling contact lens cover
why wait?
order now
bling bling contact lens are also for sale
please email
for more details
or sms 017-2222009

sample #1



just a few samples as a teaser
all blinged with genuine Austrian Swarovski 

thanks for your support
waiting for emails to come in


Monday, May 3, 2010

New Announcement for Geo Pinky Lens

Two new fresh colors  pink and olive green

now only available in plano only  RM38 per pair

girls, don't wait! Be first to show off new colors and have admirers star-struck with awe.

Supersize your eyes

Geo has released several series of contact lens created to give you that dolly eye look as the trend continues to grow among teenagers and young adults. The lenses which have a bigger diameter and enlargement effect is now here. So start placing your orders and email them to